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On April 27, 2007, the Planning Commission approved a revision to the Green Hills Cemetery Master Plan, addressing ultimate build-out of the cemetery site over the next 30 to 50-years.  The original Master Plan was approved by the City Council in 1991, and allowed for 194,340 cubic yards of grading (97,170 cu. yds. of cut and 97,170 cu. yds. of fill) to be balanced on site (i.e., no import or export) construction of 2.44-acres of mausoleum footprint area, 11.87-acres of burial sites, 27.21-acres of ground burial sites and 3.72-acres of roads.

The most recently approved revision allows up to a total of 643,259 cubic yards of grading, which includes 97,964 cubic yards of import for the mausoleum buildings proposed throughout the cemetery site, and all cut and fill associated with ground burials throughout the cemetery site for the life of the Master Plan.  The imported fill material will be conducted in phases as each mausoleum building is constructed over an extended period of time over the next 30- to 50-years.

The Master Plan revision also clarifies the total number of ground burial sites; allows a reconfiguration, relocation and expansion of the previously approved mausoleum building, resulting in 5 separate mausoleum buildings with each footprint measuring 23,653 square feet at a location that is approximately 300-feet farther west than approved in the original Master Plan; allows a new 75,131 square foot mausoleum building to the west of the existing mortuary; allows a larger mausoleum building than previously approved for the area southeast of the existing maintenance yard; and allows a reduction in the size of the previously approved mausoleum building at the southwest side of the cemetery.

In summary, the revision allows a net increase of 2.17 acres (i.e., 94,525 square feet) of mausoleum footprint area, and allows for a total of 643,259 cubic yards of grading over the next 30 to 50-years.

An Initial Study for the project was prepared for purposes of assessing the environmental issues related to build-out of the cemetery over the next 30- to 50-years. The Initial Study, the Master Plan Revision, and the related conditional use permit and grading permit applications for the proposed project were reviewed by the Planning Commission on February 27, 2007 and April 24, 2007.

The Planning Commission conditionally approved the proposed master plan at its April 24th meeting.  One of the conditions of approval requires that the operation of the approved master plan be reviewed by the Planning Commission on an annual basis.

The annual review took place on Tuesday, November 11, 2008.  As part of the annual review, Green Hills Cemetery requested a revision to their permit to allow two existing modular buildings to remain adjacent to the parking lot, west of the Administration Building, and to allow the relocation of an historic church building from San Pedro to the Green Hills Cemetery property.  The church building measures 38-feet high (to the top of the steeple), 1,100 square feet in area, and is proposed to be permanently located in the southern portion of the cemetery property, southwest of the existing duck pond.  Although the church building would be used for funeral services and ground interments, it is not proposed to be used for congregational church services.  On November 11, 2008, the Planning Commission approved the relocation of the historic church building, but denied the request for the modular buildings.  The Planning Commission adopted the resolution on November 23, 2008, memorializing the Planning Commission’s November 11th decision.

The City’s project planner overseeing the Green Hills Master Plan Revision is Senior Planner Eduardo Schonborn. He may be contacted at (310) 544-5228. Green Hills’ representative is Barry Boudreaux. He may be contacted at (214) 522-4033.

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