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Oversized Vehicle Parking Permit Now Required

In Accordance with Ordinance 492 adopted by Council action on 6/30/09 and Resolution No. 2010-15:

  • Beginning 1/1/10, the parking of oversized vehicles is prohibited on any public street or alley within the City without a permit.
  • Initial Permit Fee is $50 per registered vehicle.
  • Annual Permit Fee is $30 per registered vehicle.
  • Guest permit are available for $50
  • Permit allows 6 parking opportunities per month for loading and unloading vehicle only.
  • Applications are available online or at the Public Works Department.

 Neighborhood Parking Permits

The City Council has approved the following Neighborhood Parking Permit areas where on street parking for the area Residents is by City issued Parking Decals only:

  • High School Parking
  • Peninsula Verde
  • Rolling Hills Riviera
  • San Ramon
  • Seacove
  • Seaview

Please click on the links below for information and applications: