Haslop-Sanders Duo

Clayton Haslop, violin; Jack Sanders, guitar

When Haslop-Sanders Duo performed for SBCMS: [March 1987] [Feb 1990]

When Clayton Haslop performed for SBCMS: [April 1970] [Nov 1976] [May 1980] [March 1987] [Feb 1990] [April 1995] [June 1996] [March 1997] [Feb 1998] [April 1998] [Jan 2000] [April 2000] [Feb 2001];

will perform for SBCMS: [Nov 2001]

When Jack Sanders performed for SBCMS: [March 1987] [Feb 1990] [Dec 1990] [April 1991] [June 1994]

Centaur CRC 2061

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Rumanian Folk Dances -- Bartók

Grand Duo Concertant, Op. 85 -- Guiliani

Concords -- Karl Kohn

Romanza Andaluza -- Sarasate

Dances in the Madhouse -- David Leisner

Carmen Fantasy -- Sarasate/Bizet

All works arranged for violin and guitar.

Note: selections presented in South Bay Chamber Music Society concerts are in bold.

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