Louis Kaufman

Louis Kaufman (1905 - 1994) whom the New York Times has called "A violinist's violinist and a musician's musician" has gained a unique place among the great violinists of our time. His successful tours of North and South America and Europe, plus his extraordinary recording achievements in recording more than 100 major works of the violin repertoire, have created musical history. Kaufman's records range from works of Vivaldi, Bach and Telemann to Milhaud, Khachaturian, Poulenc and Copland. It is a rare tribute that Milhaud, Bennett, Toch and Copland have recorded their own works with this artist. Kaufman's presentation, to capacity audiences in New York, London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and his recordings of the complete cycles of concertos of Vivaldi's Opus VIII and IX and Torelli's Opus VIII (in all 36 concertos) have won international esteem, including the "Grand Prix du Disque" in France, for his recording of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons."

The South Bay Chamber Music Society was honored to present Louis Kaufman in four of its first five concerts, which ensured a strong start and a bright future for the organization.

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