Directions to Los Angeles Harbor College Recital Hall

[Yahoo! Map] -- (Los Angeles County Thomas Guide -- page 794, C5)

From Palos Verdes Peninsula

From San Pedro

From South Bay Cities

From Greater Southern California



Click here for a complete map of the Harbor College campus. The Recital Hall is marked MU.

Patrons attending the South Bay Chamber Music Society concerts at Harbor College on Friday evenings will have free parking on the college campus. Please use the large lot beyond the auditorium. Continue west on L Street past the auditorium and turn to your left as you come to the large parking structure toward the back of the campus. Parking tickets will not be issued Friday evenings for these on-campus metered parking spaces, despite signs to the contrary.

Free parking does not apply to the lot across L Street from the auditorium (shown in purple on the map) near the sports playing fields. This is not college property and no special special arrangements are possible for it.

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Revised 10/6/14