As you know, every realtor has a web page, but only one realtor can have unaccompanied rights to a zip code domain.

What better way to provide information about your real estate agency in your zip code?

Remember that the zip code is the only universal way people can identify a particular region.

We’re offering this exclusive and innovative approach to utilize your zip code domain with your web site on an annual lease basis. Prices range from $99-$150 per month (paid annually) please contact us for your specific price.
Your zip code domain will attract clients who otherwise would not find your web site and provides you with distinctive benefits such as:

- Unique visibility
- Exclusive representation

During the term of your lease, the zip code domain will not be available to anyone else.

In addition to your zip code, neighboring zip codes are also available for lease. Discounts are available when more than one zip code is leased.
These zip codes are available for
lease on a first come first serve basis.

Take advantage of this opportunity to have EXCLUSIVE presence on the WEB within your zip code! For more information or to have any questions answered please contact us at:

or call Eric or Susie at:

Palos Verdes on the Net

30940 Hawthorne Blvd.
Rancho Palos Verdes,
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