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Last updated 5/2/99

How do I use masks?

Masks are strings that use special wildcard characters to match groups of strings.
Quick example: "D*net" matches "DALnet" and "Dnet" but not "Undernet"

The two wildcard characters are * and ?.
    * can match any or no characters. So "*" matches "", "moo~", and "dalnet rules!".
    ? matches any single character. "d??net" matches "DALnet" but not "Dragnet".

On IRC, one common mask type is the User mask. The general form is Nick!user@host. For example, my user mask might be JesseR! All of the following masks would match me:
    *!*jesse@* (3)
    *!* (2)
    JesseR! (5)

If you want to ban me from a channel that you're opped in, you can either type /mode #chan +b mask or /ban #chan JesseR number, where number is a mask type (several are listed above). Note that most users can change their username (in the example, mine was "jesse") easily, and most users also have dynamic ip addresses so the first part of their hostname ("bay2-445") will change when they re-dial their internet provider.

How do I secure my channel?

Preventative measures: Be prepared, know the commands:

How do I make a random quit message in mIRC?

First, create a file named quits.txt in your mIRC directory: /run notepad quits.txt.
Put each of your quit messages on a different line in the file, and save it.
Then, go to mirc Options (alt-O) --> IRC --> Messages --> Quit, and type in $read quits.txt.

How do I put the java IRC client on my webpage?

Please see javairc.html.

What hidden commands does DALnet Services have?

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