Here's a list of my scripts, in order of decreasing usefulness (in my opinion).

Instructions for installing scripts
1. Either right-click the link and hit "save as", or just click on the link and then go to "file, save as".
2. Save the file as c:\mirc\name.mrc (note the .mrc extension).
3. In mIRC, type /load -rs name.mrc
(note: you may want to save your scripts in c:\mirc\scripts\ instead of just c:\mirc\)

Note: I haven't been very active on IRC lately, so I haven't updated these scripts for a while. mIRC dictionary
Lets you look up words and some phrases using a server at MIT. (/define word)

Web addon
Lets you /http to open a website in a new browser window.
Lets you search the Web quickly: /altavista title:"DALnet IRC Network".

Hunt 2.3 (8/18/99)
Finds csops, aops in a channel, or awake users from any list of nicks. Shows idle times and +o ppl. (Now updated for DALnet ircd/services changes)

/Who filter
JesseR! viper @#JesseR :JesseR

Like notify, but you can use it on masks like *!jesse@*

Finger daemon
Lets you create a directory that anyone can request text files from with /finger yournick filename.
If they /finger yournick list, it will return a list of files, with (optional) short descriptions.
If they /finger yournick url, it will return your url list in an easy-to-read format.

Simple clone detector

Internal Ban list
Whenever someone is banned in a channel you're in, turns their nick orange.
Lets you /unban mask or /unban nick to quickly unban someone, and /unban * to clear the ban list.

Links addon
Lets you view your /links list as if you retrieved it from any other server. (/link toronto)

Nick completer
(Partialnick; something)

Country codes
If you want to know what .no is, type /country no.
(Save country.txt in your mIRC directory, and type /alias /country /echo $read -ns $+ $1 country.txt)

Birthday addon
Remembers dates for birthdays (or other events), and reminds you during the week before.

DALnet: JesseR
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