John McTaggart for RPV City Council

I have served RPV 30 years as founder, planning commissioner, mayor, and councilman. For the last six years, I have continued to serve the community - please see "Outside the City" for a detailed description.

As I listen to you, the voters, there are major concerns in this RPV election.  Some may try to take advantage of your concerns on these issues.  Let me assure you that when elected I will:

  1. Treat all of the residents with the consideration they deserve.
  2. Provide transparency and efficiency in city government.
  3. Carefully consider any development near landslide activity.
  4. Not give away city land, anywhere, anytime, period.
  5. Support and promote healthy sports activities for our youth.
  6. Preserve and enhance our precious open space.
  7. Improve our roads and storm drains.
  8. Work to find a solution to the landslide below Terapaca before it destroys residents’ homes.

After 30 years of service, you know John McTaggart.  As your friend and neighbor, I pledge experienced, seasoned and reliable leadership responsive to your needs.  I will vote for you every time I vote. 

Revive the Vision.  Vote for John McTaggart, November 3rd. for RPV City Council.