Look at this linear representation of your life. Click on the major events in the timeline. Do you notice the exceptionally large gap between the time you begin your career and the time you retire? Does this visual aid prompt you to start thinking about how you will spend that time in the career portion of your life.


This portion of is designed to help you calculate your personal statistics in terms of life expectancy, proportion of life spent working, retirement, etc.


This work calculator is a tool to help you calculate your life expectancy, expected number of work years, work hours per year, and total work hours until retirement. Click the calculator to activate the Flash ActionScript. Then, change the default values according to your personal expectations and goals.

*NOTE: The life expectancy calculation is based on the 2004 CDC life expectancy statistical average of 77.8 years for both sexes. The life expectancy calculation in the form on this site refers to the CDC statistics of life expectancy at birth specifically for men and women. If sex is not selected, the calculator automatically uses the general life expectancy statistic of 77.8 years in the calculation.

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This planner allows you to calculate the total amount of money you need to save before you retire, the income you need from 401k, IRA, and other savings accounts, the income you will get from Social Security and pensions, and the chances you have of reaching your financial goals, based on your current income, savings and investments.

Click HERE to plan your retirement.

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Click HERE for a more precise calculation of your estimated life expectancy.

This Life Expectancy Calculator is much more precise and in-depth than the value used in the above Work Calculator. This calculator asks about factors such as alcohol, smoking, blood pressure, and others in order to account for health and behavioral reasons for a higher or lower estimated life expectancy.

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