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PVNET Policy for Providing Free or Discounted Services to Organizations

All requests for free services must include the following documents as a condition for considering the request:

  • The organizations 501 (c) 3 IRS registration number and copy of the determination letter.
  • A written request on the organization's letterhead signed by an authorized person.
  • A suitable letter of support for PVNET which can be used for public use.

These documents will be reviewed by PVNET for consideration prior to acceptance.

Upon acceptance, the requesting organization must provide a renewed letter of support for PVNET annually so long as PVNET provides the service.

PVNET reserves the right to accept, decline, or cancel  services to anyone for any reason at any time without notice, and to change the policy for services at any time without notice..

Free E-Mail Accounts

If you would like a an E-Mail address on our mail system, please send your Name, Address & Phone number to: freemail@palosverdes.com

PVNET Free E-Mail Policy and Disclaimer:

PVNET is a non-profit organization and is providing you with this free e-mail service as a courtesy. By using the service, the requesting user waives any claim for consequential damages of any type.  Although PVNET will endeavor to deliver e-mails promptly and to provide reasonable storage of received and sent messages, these services cannot be guaranteed. The delivery and receipt of e-mails may be delayed and e-mails that you the requesting user intend to store may periodically be lost.  PVNET provides no protections designed to address these risks for free e-mail accounts. As a result you should not rely on this service as your sole means of delivering, receiving or storing critical and/or time-sensitive data.  You also grant PVNET permission to disclose that you are using its service. PVNET will not sell or disclose your e-mail address to others without your permission. PVNET provides this service in good faith and to the best of its ability. No technical support is provided by PVNET. This E-Mail service is provided on an "as is" basis. This service is for entertainment purposes only. The login and password and access to the E-Mail account are confidential to you the requesting user. This free E-Mail account has no monetary value.  You the requesting user are responsible for all aspects of maintaining and managing your E-Mail data. Free E-Mail addresses are not sold or shared. E-Mail data is not backed up or saved in any way by PVNET. The failure of any Internet connections, computer systems and equipment failures are beyond our control. PVNET reserves the right to cancel this service at any time for any reason to any person without notice.


Policies Regarding Web Hosting Services

PVNET reserves the right to place advertising on the web pages which we host. PVNET will make best effort to do so in a tasteful manner, most often the advertisements are located at the bottom of web pages. These advertisements help PVNET defray expenses related to providing services.


Policies Regarding Use of the PVNET Listserv

PVNET reserves the right to do the following at any time without notice:

Place PVNET information or advertising on any listserv messages.

Send E-Mail announcements to listserv members.

To cancel the use of the listserv at any time without notice.

Please note that these simple requirements help PVNET provide many free and low cost services by helping PVNET defray expenses related to providing services.

Please note that any organization may opt out of this requirement by making an annual donation to PVNET to help PVNET defray the cost providing these services.


Palos Verdes on the Net, Inc. (PVNET) is committed to protecting your privacy. To help our customers and visitors understand this commitment, PVNET has developed a detailed privacy policy. Both personally identifiable and non personally identifiable information that may be collected is described below.

Personally Identifiable Information


Personally identifiable information is obtained through direct E-Mail contact initiated by the customer or web site visitor. The E-Mail address of the sender is exposed to the recipient to whom the E-Mail is addressed. The senders E-Mail address is not shared outside PVNET except as noted under the Limited Disclosure Information section.

It is understood that E-Mail is, by it's nature, not a secure means of communications, and as such may be intercepted by unknown 3rd parties.

Services and Information Requested

PVNET provides online forms for various services and information. These forms may require personally identifiable information for that service or information to be delivered to the customer. For example, computer classes offered by PVNET require registration of participants. That registration may request personally identifiable information such as name, mailing address, phone number, E-Mail address, birth date, references, etc. The information is used to verify class attendees, for billing purposes, to contact participants for class location or timing changes and notify them of upcoming classes. This information is kept within PVNET for business purposes and not sold or disclosed to third parties.

Other services may require disclosure of information to third parties. For example, domain name registration and web hosting services require that the domain owner disclose personal information such as name, mailing address, phone number, E-Mail address, etc. In this case, the information must be transmitted to ICANN (master domain name registration organization) for completion of the requested service.

Credit Card & Billing Information

PVNET services may be paid for through banking institutions, including but not limited to, Visa, Master Card, Pay Pal, etc. Credit card payment is provided through secure link directly to the institution. Therefore, credit card information is not retained by PVNET. However, the financial institution to which you are linked may collect personally identifiable information. Each institution has it's own privacy policies, and it is recommended that the customer review these and be familiar with the specific institution's policies before submitting payment information to them.

Limited Disclosure Information

PVNET may disclose personally identifiable information under special circumstances. These include:

a) To provide the service and information requested or

b) To comply with valid legal requirements, such as a search warrant, subpoena or court order or

c) As required by law or regulation (for example, the Patriot Act).

Non Personally Identifiable Information

IP Addresses & Domains

For each visitor to the site, PVNET servers collect non personally identifiable information about which pages are visited, as well as the IP address and domain name. We use the IP addresses to help diagnose problems with our servers, resolve network routing issues and identify geographic trends. We determine the visitor's operating system type and browser level for aggregate analysis to be used in web site design and planning.


PVNET may place a non personally identifiable "cookie" on the browser of your computer. The use of cookies is common in the Internet industry, and is used to provide useful features to our customers. Cookies are used for editorial and routing purposes to assist in expediting page displays, customize the delivery of information specific to your interests, and generate site usage statistics. The Cookie feature is not utilized if you have your Internet browser set to prohibit Cookies.

Notification of Change

These Privacy Policies may be revised as deemed necessary. Notification of changes to these policies will be posted and dated on this web page.

Effective Date

These policies are effective July 1, 2004.

For all services, including but not limited to classes, internships, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds or cancellations are permitted once purchase is completed. Substitution of sessions is permitted when available. To request a substitution of a session, send an email request to NATOA no later than noon ET on the Thursday before the affected eNATOA session(s). Upon approval of a substitution request, NATOA staff will provide you with confirmation of the change. Be sure to indicate the names of both the existing and replacement sessions.

Purchase of the live eNATOA session does not include the cost of any electronic recording which may subsequently be made available for sale. Requests for any electronic recordings require separate payment. I

[ ] I Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Cancellation Policy Above